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For all enquiries please complete this contact form and a member of the team will get back to you within the next few days.


Alternitavely if you know who your enquiry should be directed to please feel free to email direct to any of the following addresses:


Club Secretary:


Media Enquiries:





18 Gladstone Way,

Stafford, ST16 3JT



T. 07450 860255



MOD Stafford

Stafford, ST18 0FZ




Frequently asked questions

How to join the club?


The club has three forms of membership: Player, Staff and Associate. This allows for all members of the community to join in and help shape , not just the future of the club, but the wider comminuty which surrounds us. Interested? Get in touch by the links on this website; via twitter or through our Facebook page. Alternitavely come along and support a match and speak to one of the club members at the side of the pitch. We like face to face.


Who should I contact if have any queries?


Simple! Use the contact form above or, even better - Visit the fixtures page, see where our next game is and come down to give us some support. It won't be hard to spot our Chairman and 1st Team Manager pacing up and down the technical area.


What are the annual membership charges?


Membership charges are renewed every August and are as follows:


Player - £25.00 (Full Season), £15.00 Half Season

Staff - £20.00 (Full Season), £10 Half Season

Associate - £10.00 (Full Season), £5 Half Season


Membership applications made after 31 Dec are charged at half season rate. All application before that date will be charged as per the full season tarrif.


All membership charges cover the cost of FA player registration, plus a personalised club tracksuit and training kit worth over £50.


How much are player subscription charges?


Subscriptions are charged monthly at a set fee of £20. Players and Staff are encouraged to pay electronically direct into the club account between the 1st and 7th of each month.


Subscription charges cover all associated costs with the team so there is no need to be carrying loose change to matches or scraping out the back of the sofa to make sure you have enough for the last game of the month. Can't make a session one week? Not to worry... So long as your team manager is given notice, a percentage of your subs is retained in your name and left as credit for you to later claim on. (i.e. Miss ten sessions throughout the season and have given notification on each occasion ... You either walk away the following season with £26.00 in your pocket, or, the club simply covers your registration fee for the following season and gives you a£1 change... The choice would be yours.


More importantly - 100% of all subscription charges are reinvested into the club and its members with the club assisting with course fees, equipment upkeep and other issues which may arrise.


By joining SUFC you're not just joining a football team; you're joining a club which looks after it's own.


I'm not sure if I can help the team?


You don't know until you try! Come and visit us during training on a Wednesday evening or look out for one of our advertised fundraising events in the local area. No one is turned away and everyone has at least one skill that they can bring to the party. - even if it's just a lot of passion and an old school clacker.


What can I expect to get out of joining SUFC?


Ask yourself what you're willing to put in and you'll find the answer yourself. From signposting contacts to financing FA sanctioned courses, SUFC is committed to those who are committed to the team. Joining us is the first step of showing commitment. All the club expects in return is loyalty, pride and endeavour. (E.g. If the club financed a coach through the FA level 2 coaches course, that individual would be expected to remain with the club for a number of seasons thereafter, and utilise their new skills for the good and benefit of the whole team. Should they leave they would be required to pay back a percentage of the course fees depending on how long they had been with the club, and how soon after the course they chose to leave SUFC).

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